Shari Ballard


Shari Ballard is the president of U.S. Retail and the chief human resources officer for Best Buy. In her dual role, Ballard is responsible for the end-to-end operations and execution of all U.S. Best Buy stores, as well as overseeing talent development and the health and wellbeing of the more than 140,000 Best Buy employees worldwide.

Ballard is a seasoned executive with deep retail experience. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint, She was hired in 1993 to work in a Best Buy store, beginning as an assistant store manager and rising to general manager. Following her store tenure, Ballard had a variety of roles including head of Human Resources in the stores, executive vice president of Human Resources and Legal, eventually expanding to head of and the Company’s customer service call centers.

In 2007, Ballard assumed responsibility for Best Buy stores in the United States, focusing her energies on deepening customer relationships and better utilizing the full range of talent and resources that reside within the company’s U.S. retail stores to drive growth for Best Buy. She was promoted to president of Americas, U.S. and Mexico in 2010 and two years later, she was appointed president of international, overseeing business and the transformation efforts in China, Canada and Mexico. In 2013, she took on a new role as chief human resources officer, a position allowing her to leverage her broad experience, expertise and knowledge of the Company and its employees.

Ballard serves on the board of directors for the Delhaize Group, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the University of Minnesota Foundation.