Our Partners

Molly LarsenWe encourage our vendors and other partners to innovate, drive value and mitigate risk in the supply chain. For Best Buy Exclusive Brands (Rocketfish, Init, Dynex and Insignia), we work with our suppliers on the design, production and testing of our products. We partner with the suppliers to ensure they meet our expectations for safe, clean workplaces where workers are treated with dignity and respect.

We also seek to provide more opportunities to small and diverse businesses through our supplier diversity program. Molly Larson grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit and brought it to life after being able to experience what it was like to live in a different culture. At Best Buy, that drive to think outside of the box led her to her role as Senior Manager of Supplier Diversity in Goods Not for Resale (GNFR). Molly makes sure small, diverse companies have opportunities to compete for business (and, in turn, thrive) – and that Best Buy has visibility to the unique contribution these companies can make.

“It goes back to that entrepreneurial spirit,” Molly said. “It’s inspiring to me every day to interact with local, national, large, small, diverse or not diverse suppliers who have oftentimes risked everything they have to open these businesses.”