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3 Super Tips to Get You Ready to Watch the Big Football Game

4K Ultra HD TVs were one of the hottest products this Holiday season.

So it’s no surprise they’re also the best screen to have in your living room for football when Carolina plays Denver on Feb. 7.

And the time to upgrade is now because Best Buy has four times as many 4K Ultra HD TVs this year under $999 than last year. (For example, save $800 on this 60-inch Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV.)

Here are three things to considering when going big for the Big Game.

1. Reminder: 4K Ultra HD offers four times the resolution of HDTV
It’s simple math: a 4K Ultra HD TV has eight million pixels, and an HDTV has two million. And while the Big Game won’t be broadcast in 4K, a UHD TV will upscale the picture quality, making it dramatically better than an HDTV.

2. What size TV is best for you?
For the minimum viewing distance, the closest that you should sit, multiply the size of your screen by 1.5. Doing the math would mean that a 60-inch TV would put you 7.5 feet away. For the farthest away that you should sit, just double the minimum distance. So that’s 15 feet for a 60-inch screen.
Fun fact: Buy a TV that’s 51 inches or larger and get free delivery. These big TVs aren’t exactly easy to fit inside a sedan or haul home via public transportation.

3. Pair wireless speakers with your 4K Ultra HD TV
A sound bar offers a simple way to improve the audio experience delivered from your TV speakers. And there are a lot fewer wires to deal with than with a complete surround sound system. Wireless sound bars and subwoofers from name brands such as Samsung start as low as $229.  Plus, there are twice as many wireless options at Best Buy than two years ago to make your home theater sleek and aesthetically pleasing.