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3 tips to avoid college campus tech pitfalls

You’re about to head back to school. You have the computer that’s best for you and all the right tech and appliances for your dorm or apartment.

But campus life can be filled with unexpected tech pitfalls. Are you ready for them?

We talked with some Best Buy Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents who are in school themselves. They’ve identified three common tech pain points on campus and have some ideas on how to deal with them.

Printing perils

Depending on where you go to school, campus printers can be: outdated, hard to find or always in use. In some cases, you might even have to pay for each print.

Jacob Wokaty is a 20-year-old biochemistry major and works at our Norman, Oklahoma, store.

He knows these pain points personally and has the following tip: Consider bringing a printer to college with you. That way, you know you’ll always be first in line. (Be sure to check out  BestBuy.com/studentdeals to see what you might be able to save on a printer.)

Staying charged

Your laptop, your phone, your tablet — keeping your college tech juiced each day is no small task.

Think about using power-saving settings, or just power them off instead of letting them lapse into sleep mode. And when it comes to your phone and tablet, having a portable charger helps.

As for a free college course hack, Dawson Minor, 19, from our store in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, has a simple idea (aside from bringing a power strip to class): “Find a seat by a power outlet.”

Connecting consistently

Danni Powell is getting her master’s degree in school counseling and works at the Best Buy in Fayetteville, Arkansas. And she’s well aware of the challenge staying connected to Wi-Fi at a big university.

Carrying around an ethernet cord is no way to live. But with thousands logging onto the school’s network, you may need a backup plan when you’re on deadline.

“Wi-Fi can be an issue,” Danni said. “Luckily I can turn on the hotspot feature of my iPhone to help me and my friends when we need to turn in that last-minute homework assignment.”


For more tips on Back to School, go to BestBuy.com/StudentHub or visit a store near you.