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5 Ways to Make Oscar Night Your Own Award Winner

What’s the only non-football televised event that made Nielsen’s Top 10 list for the most-watched programs last year?

The Oscars.

Almost 40.4  million people tuned in to fawn over Hollywood’s best and brightest.

Come Sunday, March 2, be one of the perfectly prepared viewers with these five Best Buy tips for making a winning night out of the 2014 Academy Awards.


1. Your second screen’s perfect for the Silver Screen

Academy Instagram copy

If you don’t have your smartphone or tablet next to you if not in your hand throughout the show, then you’re watching the awards wrong.

The official Twitter and Instagram account for the Academy are worth tracking on Sunday – and every day leading up to it. While #Oscars and #AcademyAwards are the best hashtags to follow at the start of the evening, be ready for impromptu trending topics, like Angelina Jolie’s right leg, to create their own story line.

Oh, and the Oscars Blog is most definitely worth perusing before, during and after the show.


2. Movie apps done right

Movie App Montage

If you appreciate old school cinema, The Turner Classic Movie app not only lets you stream some of your top all-time favorite flicks, it has clips, trailers and in-depth background you won’t find anywhere else.

Ready for the wackiest fact you’ll see today? The Internet Movie Database, better known as IMDb, is 23 years old. And the IMDb app is absolutely crucial for quickly answering your “Wait, I know that actor from somewhere!” moments. Available in iOS and Android.

If you’re seeking cinema trivia, this app has you covered.

The catch-all app is most definitely Movies by Flixster (available in iOS and Android). You can watch trailers, check out showtimes, buy tickets, read Rotten Tomatoes reviews — even rent or buy movies on iTunes through the app.


3. Bring home previous Best Pictures

Oscar Montage

Let’s be honest. Your heart rate is still sky high ever since you finished Hurt Locker (2009).

And Javier Bardem has never been easy to trust thanks to his haunting role in No Country for Old Men (2007).

Own those two Big Picture winners, and American Beauty (1999) just to name a few.

Best Buy has virtually all of the previous winners available on Blu-ray and DVD.


 4. How life size should Sandra Bullock appear on your TV screen?

Sandra Bullock Gravity2

Thing is, the right size TV for your living room simply depends on how far away you sit, because who doesn’t want to enjoy Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity to the fullest?

Yes, it’s always more entertaining to have a larger screen, but there’s a rhyme and a reason to the dimensions.

Here’s a 75-second video that breaks it down, and a chart that explains it all.

And with up to 25 percent off on HDTVs, the deals are just in time for Sunday’s primetime.


5. Look as good as the stars

Oscar Gifts

You can look just as good at home as the stars who hit the red carpet.

Polish your pearly whites with the Philips Sonicare toothbrush. Grab the Conair Infiniti Pro hair dryer and tame the frizz so you can show off your luminous tresses. Yes, your tresses.

And if we’re being up front, picking up the Panasonic hair trimmer wouldn’t be a bad play as no one wants to see nose hair – ever.