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7 Reasons Why Customers Should Shop the New Home Theater Experience at Best Buy

Sony and Samsung Combo Final

When searching for a new TV, there are LCDs, UHD, LEDs, 4K and … ABCs?

OK, so the last one was definitely made up. But let’s be honest, there’s basically an Alphabet Soup array of acronyms when TV shopping, and it can be confusing. But at Best Buy, we speak that tech language and offer the easiest way for customers to shop for home theater – from TVs and sound, to entertainment and services.

And beginning mid-May, the home theater experience is going from great to the absolute best available as Best Buy transforms its market-leading home theater space.

Click here to view and/or download video of the transformation.

For the first time, customers will be able to see, test and try TVs in an unparalleled experience. For instance, you have probably heard about Ultra HD — which has four times the resolution of HDTV — but you probably haven’t seen it before. Now you have a chance to see the difference and what it means for your viewing experience.

When all Best Buy store home theater transformations are complete, you may not even recognize your local store after the redesign. Later this month, Best Buy will disclose which markets will be renovated first.

Sony and Samsung are joining in on the fun, too.

Here are the 7 things to look for in the new home theater space coming soon:


1. Sony Experience

Best Buy - Rochester, MN

The Sony Experience at Best Buy will soon be in 350 stores. From showcasing gaming — hello, new PlayStation 4 gaming area! — and digital experiences, to integrating sound into the magic of Ultra HD technology, the Sony Experience has it all.

Get demos of the new high-end, premium Sony 4K TVs to see the detail, color and brightness differences between models. Find out what “upconvert” really means when comparing pixels between Ultra HD and 1080p resolution, see the dynamic range of colors like bright greens and bold reds, and identify how bright whites can really get.

There’s also the chance to stream the latest 4K movies through the Sony 4K media player, make your own photos/videos and check out the detail on the big screen with the Sony 4K camcorder.

Click here to see a time-lapse of constructing the Sony Experience.


2. Samsung Entertainment Experience

Samsung Experience

The Samsung Entertainment Experience will arrive in 500 Best Buy stores over the course of the coming months, and will feature the largest assortment of eye-catching curved Ultra HDTVs. Curved TVs ensure a quality viewing experience for everyone in the room – regardless where you’re sitting or standing.

Heard of “up-scaling?” These TVs take content, no matter its resolution, and automatically displays it in a sharper image. The Samsung home theater space will also showcase the Samsung Shape Wireless Audio Multiroom System, which will flood your home with the full entertainment experience.

Then there’s the syncing of all screens. Customers can also look forward to the multi-screen integrated experience that only the Samsung Entertainment Experience can provide, showing just how easy it is to link your mobile phone, tablet and TV.

These soon-to-be completed Samsung home theater spaces are in addition to the 1,400 Samsung Experience Shops, which feature mobile and computing, already in Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores.

It’s not just about the stores, either, because BestBuy.com is on board, too. Our website will incorporate the Sony Experience and Samsung Entertainment Experience, beginning in June.


3. More Helping Hands

As for what to expect from the unmatched customer service in the home theater department, there are now even more helping hands. Knowledgeable and friendly Blue Shirts will continue to staff the home theater department, in addition to the dedicated experts who will be in both the Samsung Entertainment Experience and the Sony Experience.


4. Sound Bar Listening Station

Now, with a press of a button, you can test out a series of new sound bars right next to each other.
With a press of a button, you can test out a series of new sound bars right next to each other.

Now, with a press of a button, you can test out a series of new sound bars right next to each other. It gets better. Since most people use soundbars to watch TV and movies anyways, Best Buy designed the experience to play a series of different movie and TV demos.

Simply watch the TV in the demo and click through the different sound bars to find the one that’s right for you. It’s as realistic as you sitting on your couch watching the latest episode of “Game of Thrones” at home.  


5. Integrated Audio Demo Station

If you’re looking for more than just one speaker to power your home entertainment experience, check out this new spot. It’s designed a lot like the sound bar area, but it packs a way bigger punch.

It has all the latest towers, center channels and bookshelf speakers for a more immersive experience. Just press a button and listen for yourself.


6. Large Screen TV Showcases

Finding that big screen TV just got even easier outside of the Sony and Samsung experiences. Customers can choose from an array of TVs — from Toshiba to Panasonic to Sharp to LG to Vizio — to fit any budget.

Amazing high-end TVs jump right out at you when entering the section. Between the showcase area and the entire back wall of TVs, customers can check out all their favorite brands.


7. Grab n’ Go for Small- and Mid-Sized TVs

Best Buy - Rochester, MN

Buying a TV 40 inches or smaller? That’s good news for you if you’re pressed for time. You can simply grab it and go because it will be right below the display TV, thanks to the new floor plan.

Want to see how the entire floor plan is laid out? Here’s a diagram.

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