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A Second-Screen Success: Watch the Winter Olympics in Ultra HD or on your Tablet and Smartphone

What’s better than the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Watching the world’s greatest snow season athletes wherever and however you want.

From Feb. 7-23, catch all the action not only on your TV, but also on your tablet or smartphone.

According to NBC, 15 sports + 98 medal events = 1,000 hours of coverage running day and night.

So whether you’re thinking of upgrading your smartphone, tablet or HDTV, splurging on a 4K TV, or seeking out the best mobile apps for the Winter Games — Best Buy has you covered.

Oh, and those big screens are up to 25 percent off, too.


How to watch on the go

5 Tablets

Stream events live on NBCOlympics.com, or via the NBC Sports Live app – available for both iPhones/iPad and Android.

Just choose your TV provider when prompted, then enter your online username password from your cable or satellite provider and get transported to Sochi with a simple click. For more, NBC has a helpful FAQ.

And according to NBC, there’s no extra fee for streaming on mobile devices.


Get social with Sochi

3 Smartphones

Make the most of your second-screen experience and follow @NBCOlympics on Twitter, or check out the NBCOlympics Instagram account for behind scenes photos and videos.

Within the social sphere, use popular hashtags #TeamUSA, #Sochi2014, and #Olympics to join in on the international conversation.

Paranoid you’ll miss the gold medal round of the figure skating competition? Download the Sochi 2014 Schedule and combine it with your calendar so you’ll be right on time for all finales.

If you are waiting to watch during prime time, just make sure to stay away from social media, the Internet and gossipy coworkers during the day. Good luck with that. And don’t forget to have your DVR ready to roll.


Watch at work — in private

Ipad Privacy Screen

So you like to live dangerously and plan to peek at the games while still on the clock.

Bold move. You’ll want a privacy screen to shield your boss’ wandering eyes.

Happy sneaky viewing.


Give snow sports a shot — and record it

GoPro Pic

Inspired by downhill skiers and the half-pipe snowboarding stars?

Hit the powder yourself and record your results with a GoPro camera.

Whether you looked great, or far from it, you can share it with the world.


Let Mario and Sonic entertain your little ones

Sonic And Mario

Just in case your kids aren’t interested in real athletes competing at the Winter Games, Mario and Sonic can help out.

The two cornerstone characters and all their friends travel to Sochi on the Wii and offer up everything from curling to skiing to go-karts.
Is bigger always better for TVs?

TV 2

Depends on where you’re sitting.

If you’re between 5 to 10 feet away, go with a 42-inch screen. If you’re between 8 to 16 feet from the TV, selecting a 65-inch option makes sense. For more advice, click here or check out this chart to help.

Then again, splurge on the 90-inch Sharp TV and feel like you’re in snowy Sochi without leaving the living room. Make sure to check out these deals, too.


Need a 4K TV/Ultra HDTV explainer?

TV 4

It’s simple — 4K TVs have four times the resolution of 1080p HDTVs. With Ultra HDTV, the pixels are so small that you can still experience a seamless picture even up close, and the deeper, broader color palette makes all visuals more vibrant and lifelike.

Rumor has it some of the Sochi coverage will be broadcast on Ultra HD. If true, it’ll make even curling look cool.


What’s the difference between LCD, LED, OLED and Plasma?

TV 3

The breakdown is best detailed in the Big Game blog post from earlier this month.


What about sound bars?

Sound Bar 2
It’s one thing to see the snowboarding crowd react to Shaun White’s latest installment of aerial acrobatics.

It’s even better to feel spectators celebrating with a sound bar.

Elevate your experience, audibly, with sound bars starting at $99.


What’s the best way to begin enjoying this experience?

Geek Squad

Wouldn’t it be nice if two experts quickly and seamlessly connected your new Internet-capable TV with your video components?

Then they hooked it up to your wireless network, and performed software updates and configured some apps while they were at it?

Two Geek Squad agents can do just that, in addition to ensuring all wires and cables are neatly dressed and hidden. Click here to make that a reality.

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