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Best Buy Gets Customers Ready for PS4 & Xbox One Launches


Can’t wait to get your hands on the new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One gaming systems at Best Buy? Today, Best Buy shared out what customers can expect for the midnight launches in stores on Friday, Nov. 15 (PS4) and Friday, Nov. 22 (Xbox One).

To get to the front of the line on launch night, check out these helpful hints:

Arrive Early. Best Buy will be opening its doors up to two hours early to give customers an opportunity to get the games, accessories, connections and everything you may need for the ultimate gaming experience. For customers who haven’t pre-ordered and are looking to get either the Xbox One or PS4, we will have limited quantities available in stores across the country.

Get in the Right Line. Best Buy will have separate lines for customers who have pre-ordered their new gaming systems and customers who haven’t pre-ordered yet. Customers who pre-ordered their devices will be processed first, followed by customers who have not pre-ordered. Within each line (pre-orders vs. non-pre-orders), the units will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bring Necessary Information and Materials. Customers who pre-ordered their unit in-store will need a photo ID, the credit/debit card used to pre-order and their pre-order receipt. Customers who pre-ordered their unit online at BestBuy.com will need a photo ID, the credit/debit card used to pre-order and their order number.

Check Your Store. There will be select stores across the country that will not have the midnight launches. Be sure to check to see if your store is included. You can do this by visiting Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and selecting your state to view a drop-down list of participating locations in the selected state.

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