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Best Buy partners with communities to drive change

Throughout Black History Month and every day, Best Buy is proud to recognize and celebrate our Black employees and communities. Employees like Ciji Jumpiere, a general manager whose resilience led her team through a natural disaster, and Zinet Kumal, who wants to see more representation in the things children read, are driving change in their communities. We are right there with them. 

We have promised to take greater action to build a brighter future, together. In 2020, we committed to doing better and since then, have pledged to spend at least $1.2 billion with BIPOC and diverse business by 2025 and more than $44 million to diversity, inclusion and community efforts. 

“Together, we continue to advance an inclusive culture at Best Buy and in our communities — to make sure every voice is lifted, celebrated and heard,” said Mark Irvin, our chief inclusion, diversity and talent officer. “As we reflect on Black History Month and what it means, we are committed to continue on this journey to do better, take action and share real stories that inspire us all to get involved.”   

Here are some ways we’re proud to support our Black employees and communities:  

  • For years, we’ve been committed to building brighter futures for teens through tech. To support youth as they pursue their dreams, we allocated $44 million to expand college prep and career opportunities for BIPOC students.  
  • To make sure that emerging leaders have the skills, resources and tools they need, we pledged $10 million to create opportunities for youth in Los Angeles.  
  • We launched the Best Buy Scholars program to provide scholarships, mentorship and internships at Best Buy for diverse students. Through the program, we partnered with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to create a scholarship fund for Black students attending historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs).  
  • To support the next generation of entrepreneurs, we invested up to $10 million with Brown Venture Group, a venture capital firm that focuses exclusively on Black, Latinx and Indigenous technology startups, to create a more inclusive and stronger community of diverse suppliers. 

To learn more about how Best Buy is supporting the local communities we serve, click here.