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Best Buy’s New Photography Website with How-To Guides and More Will Easily Turn You Into a Pro


You want to take professional-level portraits of your family at the reunion this summer.

Or maybe you aim to capture your kid’s first little league swing and not have the bat become an weird brown blur.

Great, because that’s why Best Buy redesigned its website this week for customers looking for the best in photography and HD video. In addition, we’re also here to help you master shooting photos and video, too.

Surfer Camcorder

From point and shoot cameras, to DSLRs and lenses, to camcorders – we now showcase how-to guides411 videos on what will fit your needs best, and much more.

Want to know more about how Burst Mode makes sweet action sequences crisp and clear?  No sweat, just click here.

Best Buy’s one-stop camera shop even shows how to replicate pristine and inspiring photos, sharing exactly the correct aperture, ISO and focal length settings (for example, see below). What are those terms? Here you go.


Nikon launched a new DSLR camera this week and the 36-megapixel device is getting rave reviews. It’s the camera that takes you from hobbyist to full-blown pro. Click here to get it.

To sweeten things even more, Best Buy has a limited time trade-in offer that gives you a $150 credit toward the purchase of a SONY a7 series camera.