28 Apr: She’s proud to carry on her family’s trailblazing legacy

If you’ve met Jen Teves, you’ve met her grandmother, Vicenta. The two were so close that Jen can see how her grandmother, who died in 2011, shows up in her day-to-day life.

When Vicenta, a teacher in the Philippines, taught Jen math as a child, she wasn’t allowed to have calculators or count on her fingers. She would put her hands behind her back and work the problems out in her head.

Jen, a research director at Best Buy, still uses these skills and others her grandmother taught her.


15 Jan: Best Buy's 'More of this' campaign aims to drive change

While technology can do a lot for the world, it’s the people who make all the difference. Yet, for too long, some people have been left out of opportunities, jobs, equity and expression simply because of who they are.

At Best Buy, we believe technology can help give more people a voice. It can level the playing field and take creativity to new heights.

That’s the inspiration behind our new “More of this” marketing campaign, which kicks off this month. Focused on supporting inclusion and diversity, the mantra refers to giving more access, representation and recognition to more people.


18 Aug: Teen Tech Centers Connect Youth To Mentors In A Changing Environment

While schools and extracurriculars are in flux because of the pandemic, teens are still searching for ways to learn, grow and be heard. So, it has become essential for our Best Buy Teen Tech Centers — and the coordinators who run them — to find new ways to stay connected with youth.

Best Buy Teen Tech Centers are safe, after-school spaces that provide opportunities for teens to learn new tech skills, stay on track with school, gain exposure to new career possibilities and benefit from positive adult and peer relationships.