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Best Buy Foundation Ignites Teen Potential through Technology

For half a century, Best Buy has been a catalyst for the rise of technology as a means to improve virtually every aspect of our lives. 

Technology know-how is crucial for young people preparing to enter the job market for the first time. Nearly 80% of jobs over the next decade will require tech skills. We are committed to giving underserved teens hands-on access to the tech education and tools they need to be prepared for the tech-reliant jobs of the future.

We open the door to opportunity with technology training and tools that transform underserved teens from consumers to creator – a new generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, designers and dreamers.

Community Grant Partner Overview

As a means to prepare underserved teens for the tech-reliant jobs of the future, the Best Buy Foundation seeks local and regional nonprofit partners offering out-of-school time programs that create hands-on access to technology education and tools that teens will need to be successful in their future schooling and careers. Programs should include hands-on learning opportunities and engage the youth in experimenting, and interacting with the latest technologies to build 21st century skills.

Our goal is to provide underserved teens with access to innovative technologies and help them become interested and fluent in digital learning while developing skills to help better prepare them for future education and career success.

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Grant Overview

The Best Buy Foundation is searching for local organizations with a demonstrated track record for building skill proficiency in technology through out-of-school time programs.

Programs should help teens build tech skills by utilizing cutting-edge technology such as computers, digital cameras, video cameras and professional software in a wide range of areas including (but not limited to):

  • Audio production (including music mixing & recording)
  • Coding or programming
  • Computer maintenance and repair
  • Digital photography &graphic design
  • Filmmaking & videography
  • Maker Faires/hack-a-thons
  • Mobile & game app development
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
  • Web site design
  • 3D Printing

The primary responsibilities of the nonprofit organization include:

  • Providing staff and curriculum for the out-of-school time programming. May include volunteer instructors. Must not rely on program development or staffing provided by Best Buy employees or associated companies.
  • Where the opportunity exists, working with schools and other community-based organizations to build awareness of the program to drive teen participation.
  • Demonstrating engagement of youth from underserved communities.
  • Developing financial and community support to help sustain the program beyond the grant funding from Best Buy Foundation. Best Buy Foundation will not fund a program as the only supporter, additional funders or support are required.
  • Submitting a report on program components such as participant demographics, program activities, desired outcomes, challenges, successes, and participant survey results.
  • When possible, enabling participation of Best Buy employees to serve as volunteers.

Community Grants are designed to support local efforts and are reviewed for consideration by Best Buy teams across the United States. The average grant amount is $5,000 and will not exceed $10,000. (Click here for a PDF version of the grant request for proposals form.)

Eligibility Criteria

Best Buy invites out-of-school time programs that have a fundamental commitment to youth, ages 13-18, to apply for funding.  Minimum eligibility criteria include:

  • Eligible nonprofits may be a public or nonprofit community-based organization (e.g., community center, school or library) with existing local or regional out-of-school time program and a proven track record of serving youth ages 13-18.
  • Program located within a nonprofit organization targeting teens in under-resourced communities.
  • Program must operate within 25 miles of a Best Buy store or other Best Buy center of operations (e.g., warehouse, corporate headquarters, Geek Squad Service Center, etc.) to allow for Best Buy employee volunteer participation (if appropriate). To find store locations, visit and click on “Store Locator”.
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Organizations within the Twin Cities seven-county metro area are eligible and can apply for Best Buy Foundation support through the Community Grants Program or Twin Cities Fund, but not both.
  • Previous grantees must submit a progress report before applying for subsequent funding.

Eligibility Quiz

To determine eligibility, please complete the quiz at:

Required Elements of the Proposal

Please include in online submission

Proposals will be evaluated and competitively ranked by a local review committee from Best Buy. The review committee may contact you with additional questions as part of the selection process. The overall comprehensiveness, quality and clarity of the proposal will be taken into consideration.

Make sure to address each requirement below in the section that corresponds to the online application.  The grant will be to support the operation of the program for one-year. Grant recipients will be eligible to apply the following year for funding, there are no guarantees of renewed funding. 

Organization Information

  • Statement of nonprofit organization’s mission and strategic direction.

Demographics and Youth Served

  • Include number of youth served, related demographic data
    • Ages served
    • Gender mix
    • Ethnicity
    • Participation by percentage in National School Lunch Program 
  • Describe the geographic area served by your organization/program. Include details on the challenges, issues or needs within the community that the program addresses.
  • Specifically, describe successful engagement with economically disadvantaged and diverse populations.

Program Description, Objectives, & Impact

  • Program title with anticipated start and end dates.
  • Describe how a grant from Best Buy can help achieve your current and future objectives.
  • Describe how a grant would provide hands-on learning opportunities of underserved teens to engage them in learning, experimenting, and interacting with the latest technologies to build 21st century technology skills.
  • What impact do you expect to demonstrate to increase 21st Century skills in the youth of your program?
  • Program implementation plan with timeline.

Program Volunteerism and Sustainability

  • Describe your reputation in the community and give examples of a demonstrated history of success.
  • Include examples of any collaboration with organizations in the community
  • Describe your volunteerism program.
  • Provide the number of allocated staff or volunteers for the proposed program.
  • Outline any proposed or existing Best Buy employee volunteer activities.


Provide a brief explanation of your program evaluation process.

  • Outline, in a bulleted format, the specific metrics used to track program success in areas of developing 21st century skills and bridging the digital divide (e.g., types of skills and level of proficiency, amount of interest in digital learning, technology access provided to underserved youth). 

Brief Narratives and Funding

  • Include total organization budget, with brief narrative description of the organization’s budget.
  • Include total program budget, identifying how funds from Best Buy would be used.
  • List corporate funders, levels of support and any funding received from Best Buy previously.
  • List of other funders of the program and levels of support, for which you’re requesting funds. Best Buy should not be your only funding source.

Proposal Deadline and Administrative Information

Grant Awards


Program grants (no general operating or product requests) Typically range from $4,000 to $6,000 and will not exceed $10,000
Grant Period Up to one year of funding
Eligibility Quiz Launch Jan. 1, 2018
Eligibility Quiz Link
Application Site Opens May 1, 2018 8 a.m. EDT
Proposal Due Date Proposal must be submitted no later than June 4, 2018
5 p.m. EDT
Notification Date Aug. 31, 2018
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