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Even Cupid’s in Love with Best Buy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Flowers and candy are great, but entertainment and tech gifts will last years longer.

Best Buy has something for everyone this Valentine’s Day – him, her, and even yourself.

And Cupid couldn’t be prouder as all gifts are under $100. 

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Here’s how to cater to him

For Him 2

Enhance his workout results with 1) Fitbit Flex ($99.99), or give him the push he needs to get rid of his winter beard with a 2) Norelco razor ($49.99).

Gift him the endless streaming opportunities on 3) Roku ($49.99), or hand over the tense drama of 4) Captain Phillips ($29.99). Then again, 5) Bose IE2 headphones ($99.99) are a sure-fire win.


For her, don’t be cliche — be creative

For Her 2

Provide a soundtrack for her workouts with the 1) iPod shuffle ($49.99), or give her a boost in the morning with a 2) Keurig mini brewer ($99.99). If her nose is always in a book, give her the gift of endless books with the 3) Kindle ereader ($69.99).

Two safe bets are a stylish and colorful 4) Canon Powershot ($68.99), or the 5) mophie charging case ($69.99) that keeps her smartphone from dying before lunch.


Cupid missed you this year? Treat yourself

For You 2

Pick up 1) Downton Abbey Season 4 on Blu-ray ($34.99) and whip up some homemade popcorn with a 2) Nostalgia Electronics hot air popper ($24.99).

Or if you don’t like time-period pieces, stream whatever you choose on 3) Chromecast ($35), and then have your own party with the 4) JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($99.99).

That dilapidated phone case could use a boost. 5) Design your very own.

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