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Even Cupid’s in Love with Best Buy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

For Her 2

Flowers and candy are great, but entertainment and tech gifts will last years longer.

Best Buy has something for everyone this Valentine’s Day – him, her, and even yourself.

And Cupid couldn’t be prouder as all gifts are under $100. 

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Here’s how to cater to him

For Him 2

Enhance his workout results with 1) Fitbit Flex ($99.99), or give him the push he needs to get rid of his winter beard with a 2) Norelco razor ($49.99).

Gift him the endless streaming opportunities on 3) Roku ($49.99), or hand over the tense drama of 4) Captain Phillips ($29.99). Then again, 5) Bose IE2 headphones ($99.99) are a sure-fire win.


For her, don’t be cliche — be creative

For Her 2

Provide a soundtrack for her workouts with the 1) iPod shuffle ($49.99), or give her a boost in the morning with a 2) Keurig mini brewer ($99.99). If her nose is always in a book, give her the gift of endless books with the 3) Kindle ereader ($69.99).

Two safe bets are a stylish and colorful 4) Canon Powershot ($68.99), or the 5) mophie charging case ($69.99) that keeps her smartphone from dying before lunch.


Cupid missed you this year? Treat yourself

For You 2

Pick up 1) Downton Abbey Season 4 on Blu-ray ($34.99) and whip up some homemade popcorn with a 2) Nostalgia Electronics hot air popper ($24.99).

Or if you don’t like time-period pieces, stream whatever you choose on 3) Chromecast ($35), and then have your own party with the 4) JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($99.99).

That dilapidated phone case could use a boost. 5) Design your very own.

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