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For Earth Week at Best Buy: An (Unofficial) World Record and $20 Trade-In Value for Nearly Anything

Unofficial Record2

Everyone screams how green they are as Earth Day nears.

But Best Buy can prove it.

Just last year, Best Buy recycled more than 96 million pounds of electronics. That averages out to 263,013 pounds of recycled gadgets … per day.

The current world record for most consumer electronics recycled in a 24-hour period is 80,370.

Well, last time we checked 263,013 > 80,370.

How’s Best Buy celebrating this (unofficial) world record?

By offering customers a $20 gift card at minimum for when they trade in any working gadget until Saturday, April 26.

As long as the device works, turn in any laptop, tablet, gaming console, MP3, digital camera or digital camcorder. Visit bestbuy.com/tradein for more.

If it doesn’t turn on and even if you didn’t buy it from us, Best Buy will recycle your used gear. From tube TVs to boom boxes to Zack Morris’ brick cell phone, all tired technology is welcome. Check out bestbuy.com/recycle for extra info.

For more Best Buy recycling facts in just 105 seconds, check out this video.