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Geek Squad Autotechs rev up for their Black Friday: Dec. 26

Best Buy’s sales associates are just wrapping up the holiday shopping rush, but the busiest time of year has yet to happen for our Geek Squad Autotechs. Their “Black Friday” comes on Dec. 26.

It’s prime time in our install bays as customers open their gifts and want their new remote starts and radios installed ASAP. The average Autotech has three appointments on a normal business day. But they do three to four times that number on the day after Christmas.

Our Autotechs are Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals — experts in the industry at making cars more entertaining, safe and convenient. Customers seek their knowledge and services, especially at the holidays. And with only one or two of these pros at each store, things get busy … fast.

Agent Andy Miller is the Autotech lead at the Best Buy store in Wheeling, West Virginia. He has been working on cars in the install bay for a decade, and he knows what to expect.

“There is a never-ending stream of installations, phone calls, conversations and questions,” he said.

Preparation is key. Autotechs have been working hard to make sure their clients will have everything they need for their installation appointments and doing as much prep work as they can.

Agent Blake Jacobson, the Autotech lead at our store in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, says it takes a team effort to delight the influx of post-Christmas customers.

“We try to take on as many cars as we can by having all hands on deck. Most of us work a 12-hour day, putting in a lot of overtime that week,” he said. It’s worth it, he added, to make sure customers can quickly enjoy their new car technology.