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Holiday Cleaning Tips, Courtesy of a Dyson Engineer

So you plan to host friends and family at your home during the holidays.

Getting the right decorations, entertainment options and menus in place ahead of time is key. And so is your cleaning plan. Preparing for clean-up now will save stress later, says Dyson engineer Rob Green.

Dyson, a tech leader in all things cleaning, from vacuums to air purifiers, has four tidying-up tips before you welcome guests into your home.

Rob dishes the dirt on keeping things clean:

What part of the house is the most common to forget to clean?

There are four places we often overlook: curtains, door frames, under our appliances and baseboards.

We’re all busy, but how often should we be vacuuming my home in general?

It really depends on how often you need to. While some people choose to do a monthly deep clean, a light upkeep on a weekly basis will help maintain a standard level of cleanliness and make the monthly clean less daunting.

Cordless vacuums have become popular. How do they help you clean?

In the most basic sense, a cordless vacuum allows you to move from room to room without having to constantly stop and plug in to an outlet. But perhaps more importantly, a lot of people find themselves cleaning more often, for shorter bursts of time, because it’s always accessible and easy to use. And one of its greatest strengths is letting you get hard-to-reach areas like cobwebs in corners that you couldn’t get to with a regular floor cleaner.

Holiday activities can affect indoor air quality. What can we do about it?

Cooking meals using a gas stove, the fireplace going in the living room and candles throughout the house. The holiday season can bring more triggers of negative air quality than usual. Each can produce harmful pollutants and gases. That’s where an air purifier comes in. 

A good air purifier runs air in your home through a filter to remove many of those harmful particulates, and blows out cleaner air. For instance, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link removes 99.97 percent of particles as small as .3 microns from the air. That’s technical speak for you and your family and friends breathing a little easier this holiday season.


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