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How to Best Experience the Big Game: Upscale to Ultra HD

Should you score a new big screen TV for the Big Game?


  • Do you trust the Wall Street Journal, which said 2015 is the year you should buy that new TV?
  • Do you like getting great deals, like a 50-inch Insignia HDTV for just $399? Do you like getting great deals like a 55-inch LG 4K UHD Smart TV for $1,199 
  • Do you like hosting? Because when you have the biggest TV in your friend group, that’ll tend to happen more often than not.

Answer yes to at least one of these? Then take advantage of 4K UHD and the Big Game deals at Best Buy.

4K UHD is the real deal (head nod to that WSJ story again to back us up). The new TV tech is four times sharper – 4K UHD has eight million pixels and HDTV has two million. It’s that simple.

So even though the Big Game won’t be broadcast in 4K UHD, your 4K UHD TV will upscale the content, boosting the clarity and providing a better picture than HDTV.

As for true 4K UHD content – it’s coming quickly as Netflix is streaming 4K content and Sony said its TVs will offer 1,300 titles in 4K this year.

Better yet, now you can save big time at Best Buy on everything from an LG 55-inch HDTV priced at $499 to 4K Ultra HD TVs that are creeping closer and closer to $1,000.

And come spring time, enjoy the next generation of Smart TVs as the Roku Insignia TV comes to Best Buy.

The popular streaming device will seamlessly be part of some Insignia TVs – making Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and more even easier to navigate at the touch of a button.