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Make it the Best Big Game Experience by Hearing All the Action

Everyone’s going to watch the Big Game on Feb. 1 (Don’t forget that 108 million people worldwide were glued to the screen last year).

Question is – will you have the right home theater audio set-up so that your party actually sounds like you’re inside the University of Phoenix stadium?

You certainly can … if you select the right system to pair with your TV.

There are plenty of options to choose from – ranging from fantastic surround sound, to next-level immersive Dolby Atmos sound, to quality sound bars starting at just $199.

Sound bars can aesthetically span the width of your big screen TV and also provide the audio “boom” you want to complement your HDTV or Ultra HD TV picture.

LG offers a great sound bar and woofer for $199. Samsung can help boost your audible experience with a sound bar and woofer priced as low as $227.

Got a curved Ultra HD TV from Samsung? Snag the curved sound bar for just $699.

The best part of these sound bars and woofers is you don’t get tangled up in wires – they’re all wireless.

And don’t forget Bose’s CineMate 15 for $539 that delivers detailed audio from a single compact soundbar measuring just 12 inches wide.

Easily explore all your options before the big event with this convenient guide.

And know that once you’ve chosen your audio set-up for the party, you’ll be free to put the finishing touches on that bean dip.