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NES Classic Edition Is Back at Best Buy

It’s back – again.

The NES Classic Edition console, a fan favorite that debuted in 2016, will be available starting Friday, June 29, at Best Buy stores and on BestBuy.com.

The throwback system will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis when our stores open Friday. If a line forms at a store near you before we open our doors, we’ll use the same ticketing process we do on Black Friday. Limit of one system per customer. If shopping on BestBuy.com, it will also be a limit of one per customer.

The NES Classic Edition is a miniaturized version of the NES, which was originally released in 1985. The system comes with 30 pre-installed games, one controller, an HDMI cable and an AC adapter. Just plug the console into your TV, pick up the controller and be transported back to your childhood.

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