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September Is Smartphone Season

Two of the largest smartphone companies — Samsung and Apple — recently announced their latest devices, and they can be in your hands real soon.

These phones have fresh features, cool accessories and Best Buy is the place to get them.  

But buying a phone has changed a lot over the past few years. Read on to find out what you need to know as you get ready to upgrade.

New phone features and how to get them at Best Buy

Boasting big screens, advanced cameras and wireless charging capabilities, the new phones from Samsung and Apple are rejoicing tech fans left and right.

Today (Sept. 15), the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is available in stores and online.

And we’re now taking iPhone 8 orders in stores and online before the devices become available next Friday, Sept. 22.

In fact, our store mobile departments will be open early today and again on Sept. 22 for customers looking to pick up their new devices or purchase in store. Don’t forget, you can always visit BestBuy.com, too.

Best Buy has one of the largest collections of Samsung and Apple accessories, so pick up phone cases, charging devices and more when you order, as well.

The scoop on buying a new smartphone

Buying a smartphone isn’t the same as it was just a couple years ago. If it has been a few years since you last purchased a phone, keep these details in mind as you’re looking for a new device:

  • Contract or don’t: In addition to signing up with a specific carrier, you might opt for an unlocked phone. It’s the same smartphone, just purchased outright and not tied to one carrier. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is offered at Best Buy in a carrier unlocked version. If you’re one who likes the freedom and choice to frequently shop the latest models, carriers and plans or you prefer a device that isn’t preloaded with numerous carrier applications that take up space, unlocked might be the right option for you.
  • Monthly payments: Dubbed “installment billing,” we pay for phones through leases in monthly payments now. Previously, carriers subsidized phones as incentives to stay on multiyear contracts. So no longer do you have a big out-of-pocket, all-at-once payment to upgrade to a new phone.
  • Wireless charging: These latest smartphones don’t need a plug and cord to charge — just a special mat. Look for Qi-enabled devices, as Qi technology is quickly becoming the wireless charging standard, compatible with the latest from Samsung and Apple.
  • Protection: As phone screens continue getting bigger (and phone prices increase), protective accessories are important to help keep them from breaking if dropped. One in three smartphone accidents results in a cracked screen or worse.


To learn more about picking the right smartphone for you, check out Best Buy’s Cell Phone Buying Guide