Gamers Club Unlocked

Gamers Club Unlocked

22 Sep: Only Gamers Club Unlocked Members Score Exclusives on Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3

The reasons to be a Gamers Club Unlocked member keep on growing.

Pre-order select Microsoft games, and you’ll score exclusives available only to GCU members. And this includes the digital version, too, so when you’re not near your Xbox One, you can continue playing on Windows 10.

With the following two games arriving within mere days, make sure to pre-order them (i.e., like now) in your nearby Best Buy store or on


Gears of War 4

Pre-order it and get the Elite Gear pack, which contains the Vintage Del character, the Black Walnut Gnasher weapon and three bounty cards.

Three Cavaliers Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked

03 Mar: Gamers Club Unlocked Members Get Exclusive 3 Day Access to ‘Bravely Second: End Layer’ Demo

Here’s yet another great reason to be a Gamers Club Unlocked member.

Only GCU members will get access on March 7 to the “Bravely Second: End Layer” demo. That’s a full three days before everyone else can check it out on March 10.

Interested in joining Gamers Club Unlocked? Just sign up by March 6. Then you’ll receive the exclusive download code via email in time for the first day of the demo. (Codes can only be redeemed between 12 a.m.

Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked

04 Mar: Just $30: The New Price to Join My Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked

Membership for one of the best clubs around – the My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked program – is now just $30.

The club had been $99.99 for a two-year membership. But beginning March 8, it costs just $30 to become a member for two years.

Here are the top-notch perks:

  • 20 percent off new physical video game software (After just three new titles, the membership has paid for itself)
  • 10 percent bonus trade-in credit on video game software
  • 10 percent off pre-owned video game software
  • 2x My Best Buy points for every dollar spent on new video game software, digital gaming and game accessories
  • 2 My Best Buy points for every dollar of video game software traded in
  • Special one-time-use welcome coupons
  • Exclusive offers

Bonus: Even amiibos are 20 percent off with Gamers Club Unlocked.