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Geek Squad NYSE

14 Jul: Geek Squad’s 20th Birthday Has a Nice (NYSE) Ring to It

Geek Squad passed on the sheet cake for its 20th birthday.

Instead, Geek Squad hit Wall Street and celebrated its 20th birthday by ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

President of Geek Squad Chris Askew was flanked by some of the nation’s best and brightest who wear black and orange (in addition to a couple hand-picked and lucky Blue Shirts, too).

“This trip means the world to me,” said Cody Halvorson, a Precinct Agent from Reno, Nev., who was the individual to ring the bell.

Brittani Uribe Headshot

29 May: Why I’m On the Road This Summer Teaching Tech to Teens

Brittani Uribe HeadshotBy Geek Squad Agent Brittani Uribe

My mom always wanted us to be well-rounded and to try different things.

So that’s why, years ago, I signed up for the Geek Squad Academy camp in Houston. Having an uncle who worked for Geek Squad helped, too.

I enjoyed the entire experience and learned that technology was something I could understand and love. Before that camp, I hadn’t seen a woman as an agent. That’s when it hit home that there are great career paths for women in technology.

Geek Squad Crew

19 May: Geek Squad Autotech Quartet First to Install New Apple CarPlay Experience Powered by Pioneer

Geek Squad Autotechs help millions – yes, millions – of customers each year out of nearly every Best Buy store nationwide by installing mobile electronics to connect their favorite four wheels to the latest after-market tech.

But this past week in San Francisco, four Geek Squad standouts went above-and-beyond the call of duty, installing Apple CarPlay®-enabled Pioneer receivers into three demo vehicles for an industry media event.

Not only is it trendy, it’s trending.

Justin Ferroni, Brij Madaan and Todd Myers were among the chosen Geek Squad captains for the event, joined by Geek Squad Services Manager Chris Blanchette.

Lissa and Kevin Award

23 Apr: Double Credit: J.D. Power Study Applauds and PC Magazine Rates Geek Squad ‘Excellent’

If you’ve wondered about shopping Best for appliances, a J.D. Power study confirms that you should.

That’s because ranked first on the J.D. Power Appliance Shopper Website Evaluation Study. And on Wednesday, Best Buy graciously accepted the honor.

The study evaluated the usability of retailer websites and discovered that about “three in four shoppers are more likely to consider a specific brand or shop a specific retailer when they have an outstanding experience with the website.” came out atop a field of eight appliance retailer websites thanks to the ease of the website’s navigation, its appearance and speed.

Geek Squad 2

10 Apr: 20 Fun Facts for 20 Candles – Happy 20th Birthday Geek Squad

Geek Squad 2Fun fact. Geek Squad turns 20 years old this year, and has been on TV stations across the country helping ease the transition with the end of Windows XP.

What’s even more fun? These 20 fast facts about the rapid response task force:

1. Geek Squad was founded for $200 in 1994.

2. On average, Home Theater Agents complete 3.67 in-home installations every 60 seconds.

3. Best Buy’s Richfield, Minn., headquarters is referred to as the Magic Castle in the Geek Squad community.

FIRST Robotics Trio

28 Mar: Best Buy and Geek Squad Join 2,400 Tech-Savvy Students in ‘Best Bot Battle’

Brian Silewski is at home with hands-on work, and when he’s creating something from nothing with computers.

“I like building something new that you could be proud of … so when I saw robotics at school, I thought, ‘That looks perfect,’” said the 18-year-old Talon Robotics team member from Eden Prairie High School.

The team captain is one of more than 2,400 students descending on the University of Minnesota this weekend for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), a tech-based sport where teams of about 20 high school students battle to create the best bot in just six weeks.

Derek Meister Standing

27 Mar: XP Apocalypse? Relax As Geek Squad Guides You Through It

Not sure about the hype around the end of support for Microsoft XP?

Turns out, it may be time to actually follow through on that “spring cleaning” routine you’d rather avoid.

To make it easier, we huddled with one of our favorite computer pros, Geek Squad Agent Derek Meister, to find out what you really need to know about the so-called “XP Apocalypse.” Also, keep handy and you’ll be all set.


So Microsoft will stop supporting XP starting April 8.  

Geek Squad Water Saving Tips

14 Mar: 5 Steps to Saving Your Water-Logged Phone Should St. Patty’s Day Get the Best of Your Gadget

Geek Squad Water Saving TipsThe stats say there’s a solid chance your phone could go swimming.

According to Plaxo, cell phones have a 20 percent chance of ending up in the toilet.

And that’s not even factoring in high-risk holidays like Monday’s  St. Patrick’s Day, where your gadget could end up in a watery grave of green beer.

Don’t worry, Best Buy’s Geek Squad has five quick tips to help put the luck of the Irish on your side and save water-logged devices.


Step 1: If you can access your battery, remove it
If the battery remains in a wet gadget, you run the risk of it shorting out, which might render it unsalvageable.

Teen Tech Week Photo 1

13 Mar: ‘Super Cool’ Know-How Happening Now in Teen Tech Week Tour

3D printing. Digital recording. Robotics.

How else could a lineup like that be characterized other than “super cool”?

“There’s tons of fun things to do. It’s super cool,” said teenager Maia Seidel while at the Minneapolis Central Library on Tuesday night. “I like the recording studio because I love to sing.”

That’s exactly the reaction that Best Buy and Geek Squad are hoping for as they participate in the March 9-15  Teen Tech Week, a movement for digital literacy and technology spearheaded by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).

Everyone On Tavis

20 Feb: Bridging the Digital Literacy Gap One EveryoneOn Training at a Time

Ricky Hester is a licensed electrician who knows full well the role computers will play as the 44-year-old advances further in his career.

“That’s what this era we are living in is all about – computers,” he said. “When I went through the apprenticeship for engineering, it took five years. But a lot of what I deal with now is computers. So any time I can take a class and learn how better to work with computers, that’s what I’m looking for.”

Geek Squad 2

07 Feb: Geek Squad Advice: 3 Ways to Guard Against Computer Scammers

Geek Squad

If you’ve been hearing rumblings about an “infected computer” scam going around, where “supposed experts” make a cold call to say they’ve detected an issue with your computer and are ready to assist remotely, you’re not alone.

It’s not only a dangerous scam when it comes to personal information, but it’s a costly one to fix. While Geek Squad Agents can remediate such issues, it’s also important to be proactive.

Expert Geek Squad Agents Derek M. and Ron G. have three quick reminders courtesy of the Geek Squad Intelligence Blog when it comes to protecting yourself from fraud artists.

Best Buy Holiday. Assisting Holiday Shopper

26 Dec: Best Buy Launches Gift Card Offer and Storewide Sale, Making Up for What Santa Missed

Best Buy Holiday. Assisting Holiday Shopper

Spend $100 and Get a $15 Best Buy Gift Card
as Extended Store Hours Deliver New Gadgets at a Great Price

Best Buy launches a storewide end-of-season sale on Thursday, Dec. 26, with discounts on thousands of the hottest consumer electronics and appliances for bargain hunters who want to start the New Year with new gear at a great price.

  • Save on clearance, open box and Geek Squad Certified Open Box products.Open box products are usually priced 10 percent or more below retail, and Geek Squad Certified Open Box items are thoroughly inspected to ensure condition and performance.