Galaxy Gear and Fitbit Force

02 Jan: These Gadgets Will Make New Year’s Resolutions Last

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy.

Keeping them is not.

You can improve the odds that you’ll actually achieve your resolutions this year by putting technology to work for you.

Best Buy has just the right technology and gadgets to keep you on track.

From smartwatches to monitor your health kick’s progress, to next-generation consoles to help you de-stress, here’s a how-to for making the most of the year ahead.


Get fit, lose weight, look cool — or all three

Galaxy Gear and Fitbit Force

Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Fitbit Force, or the Misfit Shine, there are no excuses for not having convenient tools to get fit.

iphone5c holiday gifts

11 Dec: The 5 Best Gifts Under $50, $100 and $150

You know two things about your holiday gift-giving game plan.

1. How much you’ll spend.

2. You have no idea what to actually spend that money on.

At Best Buy that problem is solved, as it’s the place you can get the five best gifts under $50, $100 and $150.

Better yet, all of these products are available in-store and online, where you can choose the convenience of in-store pickup from your nearby Best Buy.

Oh, and take a peek at Best Buy’s Trending Gifts Twitter app and find out what the chatter is all about at this very moment.