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20 Feb: Bridging the Digital Literacy Gap One EveryoneOn Training at a Time

Ricky Hester is a licensed electrician who knows full well the role computers will play as the 44-year-old advances further in his career.

“That’s what this era we are living in is all about – computers,” he said. “When I went through the apprenticeship for engineering, it took five years. But a lot of what I deal with now is computers. So any time I can take a class and learn how better to work with computers, that’s what I’m looking for.”

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05 Feb: Best Buy and Geek Squad Share Digital Learning in D.C.: ‘Everyone Wants A Hold of This Program’

DLD Geek Squad 2

The intersection of educational and entertaining was struck perfectly with the interactive Stencyl videogame program Wednesday in Washington D.C., said Geek Squad Agent Tavis Sellers.

The hundreds of teachers and policymakers at the expo couldn’t help but gravitate toward the Best Buy and Geek Squad booth at Digital Learning Day at the Library of Congress. The event focuses on giving every child the opportunity to learn in a digital environment every day, with the goal of collegiate and career success.