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The 4 Trends at E3, from Best Buy’s VP of Gaming

E3 is off and running, and Best Buy is there for it all, led by VP of Gaming Chris Koller.

An E3 veteran with more than a decade of experience, Koller knows his way around the showroom floor.

So we had him explain some of the biggest news and hottest trends.

How cool is PlayStation VR?

PlayStation VR is going to be the ultimate virtual reality solution for gaming because it’s so integrated with what gamers already know – the PS4. Some 40 million units have already been sold, and many of them here at Best Buy. Plus, we’re the only place that can demonstrate the power of this new technology and the excitement of it.

That’s what makes our PlayStation VR demos – which run until October –  so great.

We have the space and the expert service and sell all the other devices to make this truly come to life.

How big of a win is it that Xbox One fans can now play on Windows 10?

A true gamer loves to game wherever they are – whether it’s in a car or at 30,000 feet.

It’s all about keeping up on the game alongside your friends, and now you can do just that away from your home theater setup.

As long as you have your Windows-based laptop, you can play your Xbox One game on the go. Seeing as we are a customer go-to for Windows-based PCs and a great place to get everything Xbox, we couldn’t be happier.

And we’re just as excited about the Xbox console news, and fans can look forward to picking that up at Best Buy when it’s available.

What are some games to keep an eye on this week?

The cool thing about E3 is you always get a chance to see the games you know about — games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1 and the new titles like Mass Effect: Andromeda, God of War and Crash Bandicoot. But what’s also fun about E3 is there’ll be new games announced this week that we’re not expecting.

Sometimes, the games that get the biggest fan reactions at E3 aren’t always the one that end up being the biggest sellers. And that’s where our job is – to figure out what the cool niche games that people will get excited about and still balance those with the ones that are consistently popular. It’s always fun to see a game that started as a fan favorite and a Kickstarter end up in our stores.

What role are toys and collectibles playing this year at E3?

The big thing right now is that gamers and entertainment enthusiasts want everything and more of the properties they love. They want their favorite games and movies to come to life off of the screen with things they can collect.

We are responding to that in a meaningful way. Take the Sphero BB-8, for example, or the pre-order deal where customers got Fallout 4 socks, which basically won the internet the day it was announced.

Think of amiibo. People can’t get enough of them. We’re working to bring more of that to customers.