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These Gadgets Will Make New Year’s Resolutions Last

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy.

Keeping them is not.

You can improve the odds that you’ll actually achieve your resolutions this year by putting technology to work for you.

Best Buy has just the right technology and gadgets to keep you on track.

From smartwatches to monitor your health kick’s progress, to next-generation consoles to help you de-stress, here’s a how-to for making the most of the year ahead.


Get fit, lose weight, look cool — or all three

Galaxy Gear and Fitbit Force

Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Fitbit Force, or the Misfit Shine, there are no excuses for not having convenient tools to get fit.

These smart watches and health monitors tally miles walked, calories consumed and even how much quality sleep you get.

Each has a distinct style, so quit delaying and pick one that fits your style for a healthier 2014.


Ditch the stress, get your game on

PlayStation and XBox One

Wicked work day, or a crazy school schedule?

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are two of the best ways to leave your worries behind. Get your hands on one of the hottest gaming systems around to let go of the stress.

And don’t forget that extra controller and a selection of games so others can join you.


Keep your family close with smartphones 

iPhone5c and Galaxy

With texting, email and even video conferencing on smartphones like the iPhone5c, iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S4, keeping the family close is as easy as one button.

Oh, and the iPhone5c is free with a two-year contract, the iPhone 5s is $124.99 and the Galaxy S4 is just $1 when you trade in any working smartphone and sign a two-year contract with Sprint. These deals are good through Saturday, Jan. 4.


Eat healthier


Make veggies and fruits a staple of your new healthy diet, letting a smoothie put your 2014 diet goals well within reach.

And that’s where the Ninja Professional Blender comes in.


Get organized

Surface and Kindle

Straighten out your schedule with the Microsoft Surface Pro as it dropped $300 to $599.99. Or expand your proverbial bookshelf with the Kindle Fire HDX.

If laptops suit you better, pick up the new MacBook Pro and give yourself another good reason to sign up for that online course.  And right now, it’s $100 off.


Be bolder

GoPro Pic

So you want to add a little spice into your life? Do it. Record it. Then play it again and again.

Whether you’re hitting the ski slopes or strapping up the ice skates, a GoPro makes all your moves immortal moments.


Just do … more

Keurig Coffee

To keep your New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably going to need to stay alert.

So introduce the Keurig coffee maker into your kitchen and get a tasty kick-start to each day.

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