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You Need These 8 Gadgets in Your Spring Break Suitcase

You’re about to jet off on a much needed vacation. Good for you.

With the right tech from Best Buy, you’ll stay entertained and connected wherever your getaway takes you.

From e-readers to resilient cases to good looking headphones — check out some of our favorites.

1. LifeProof Case


OK, so you had your phone in your pocket when you jumped into the pool. Don’t fret, the Lifeproof waterproof case has you covered.

2. Kindle Paperwhite

You need your beloved beach reads, without adding hard copies to your 50-plus pound baggage. Fill your Kindle with however many guilty pleasures you choose and enjoy the shade beneath the cabana.

3. Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones


When you’re stuck on the plane next to a little one who’s less than thrilled about this first flight, or in the car with a relative who’s only volume setting is high, slip these on and listen to whatever jams give you a mental getaway.

4. Jawbone UP24

So you’ve had more than your share of chips and guac, maybe even an extra margarita — make sure the only thing that returns home heavier is your suitcase full of souvenirs.

5. Nabi 2 Disney Edition tablet


Avoid the predictable question, “Are we there yet?” by handing the kids this exclusive Disney edition tablet that not only carries games and music, but constructive entertainment like, well, books.

6. Nintendo 3DS

Just because you took a break from home doesn’t mean you have to take one from your favorite game. Game on the go and get that much closer to your next high score.

7. mophie Juice Pack or charging case


Jealous of people with stylish cases and fully charged smartphones? Thanks to mophie you can now have both no matter where you are.

8. Best Buy Express Kiosks

You forgot your headphones, tablet or camera, and it seems like the world has ended just as your trip begins. That’s why the Best Buy Express Kiosk is in nearly every airport – and Disneyland, too — and open 24 hours. You’re welcome.