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4 easy tips for going green at college

No matter what your school colors are, it’s always great to go green on (and off) campus.

For those looking to make small, eco-friendly changes that make a big difference, assistant store manager Alva Allen, from Store 370 in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is here to help with some tips.

“If you are looking for ways that you can help our environment — to help make the world cleaner, smarter and more technology friendly — this is a good place to start,” he said. “We all need to do our part.”

Ditch the paper

Removing the need for traditional pen and paper could make a long-term impact on our environment. Windows Inking, available on most Windows 10 touchscreen laptops, is a great way to make the transition to digital.

“It enables you to use a fine-tip stylus to do anything from taking quick notes to writing full papers by hand in partnership with Microsoft 365 and OneNote,” Alva said. “This is a great option for students looking to save some paper.”

And using a cloud-based document-sharing program, like Microsoft Office, allows students to access documents anywhere. It’s great for collaborating on group projects and eliminates the need to print anything.

Refill the bottle

There’s a good bit of technology used in water bottles these days, and it’s a good idea to replace disposable bottles with a new metal or high-tech plastic one. It reduces waste and can save you money in the long run.

“Not only are they personalized, but they remove the use of plastic disposable bottles that don’t always end up in the recycling bin,” Alva said. “And they have the ability to keep your water fresh and cold for hours at a time.”

For fitness fanatics, there are even smart water bottles that pair to your phone, fitness trackers and other health apps to track your water intake.

Unplug the electronics

Most electronics are not actually off when we assume they are. Sometimes called “vampire devices,” they continue to use electricity after they’re turned off. So consider unplugging things like your TV, speaker and other entertainment devices when they’re not in use.

Smart switches are another option.

“Using smart plugs is an amazing way to kill the power without having to add to your daily routine,” Alva said. “You can set a schedule and the smart plug will not only give you control from your mobile device but ensure those devices are not using unnecessary power while you are out.”

Recycle the e-waste

Out with the old, in with the new. When shopping for new tech, bring your old tech to Best Buy to have it recycled.

No matter where you bought it or who made it, we’ll take it. As part of our sustainability mission, we have recycled over 2 billion pounds of e-waste and appliances, and that number continues to grow. We accept many items for free, including most computers, tablets, phones, DVD players, printers and more. Click here to learn more about how to recycle at Best Buy.

And don’t forget to recycle any cardboard or plastic from any new purchases.


Learn more about Best Buy’s sustainability efforts here.