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6 Products To Make Your House More Sustainable

Making small changes to your daily habits around the house can have a big impact on the environment.

And now, technology is making it even easier to reduce water, energy and food waste. This is helpful as more people are spending more time at home because of COVID-19.   

Here are some products that can help make your house the most sustainable one the block.

AeroGarden Farm 12 XL

If you want to limit your trips to the grocery store, what better way than to grow your own food at home! With an indoor garden, you can grow fresh vegetables and herbs in your own kitchen, even when there’s snow on the ground. 

What’s really cool is that this garden system is hydroponic, meaning plants grow using just water and light, no messy soil. And the LED lights cost just pennies a day to operate.

Vitamix Foodcycler

Composting is a great way to cut down on your household waste, but traditional backyard composting can be a daunting project. With the Foodcycler, you can create soil fertilizer from food scraps in just four to eight hours. It’s compact enough to sit on your countertop and includes odor eliminating carbon filters.   

Altered Dual Flow Pro Nozzle

We know fresh water is a limited resource. Adding a low-flow nozzle to your faucet is a quick and easy way to save water every time you wash your hands, brush your teeth or fill a glass.

Perfect for bathroom and kitchen faucets, the nozzle takes less than a minute to install.

Lectron Electric Vehicle Charger

Have you thought about ditching your gas guzzler for an electric vehicle? It’s easy to charge your EV at home with this 240-volt Level 2 charger. It’s compatible with all electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The 21-inch cable is long enough for most garages or driveways.

BioBidet Slim 3

Reduce your family’s toilet paper usage while bringing luxury to your bathroom. Already common in Europe, bidets are growing in popularity in the U.S.

This bidet includes a warm air dryer, heated seat and remote control. Just make sure you have an elongated toilet seat and power nearby.

B-hyve Smart Irrigation Control

Save water and money while keeping your lawn healthy. This smart device uses local weather to automatically adjust your water schedule to deliver the right amount of water to your plants and grass. 

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