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5 ways to save money on back-to-school tech this year

From tuition to tech, back-to-school season can be hard on your budget.

To help maximize your money, we compiled some tips to consider when you’re shopping for laptops and other back-to-school tech essentials.  

  • Sign up for Student Deals: Our exclusive Student Deals are the easiest way to save big on all the tech you need to succeed this year. We have offers available on everything from laptops and tablets to headphones and appliances – and it’s easy to sign up. Just check out our website here and keep checking back because we’ll introduce new deals throughout the entire summer.
  • Trade in your old tech: Trade in your unused tech, like tablets, laptops or even gaming hardware, and you can receive a Best Buy Gift Card to upgrade to the latest tech for the back-to-school season. Our online trade-in calculator even lets you see what your tech is worth, so you can budget accordingly.
  • Check for open-box products: Open-box items can help you save big when you’re shopping for your classroom tech essentials. These are discounted products that have been returned to the store and have been inspected by our Geek Squad Agents to ensure they’re in great condition, making them a great option to consider when you’re talking with an expert.
  • Find a device that’s a fit for you: Check your school’s recommended supply list before you begin your search to make sure you’re getting the right tech for your classes. You might find that you don’t need the highest-powered laptop or the added memory to be successful in your field. Visit a Best Buy store near you, and one of our experts can walk through budget-friendly options based on your classes, studies and interests.
  • Check off the essentials first: Create a shopping list and a budget — and stick to them. Do a little online research to determine what those essentials may cost you, then start your shopping by investing in a few essentials and hold off on some of the other nice-to-have items. Laptops, tablets and printers are a great place to start your shopping, then decide what you need from there and when and how they fit into your budget. 

Looking for more inspiration to get you started? Check out our Student Hub on BestBuy.com for tons of tips and deals during your back-to-school shopping.