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5 Ways to Shop Sustainably at Best Buy

As you’re browsing for the latest tech this holiday season, you can feel good about your purchases while helping to protect the environment. Here are five tips for shopping sustainably at Best Buy.

1. Look for ENERGY STAR®

At Best Buy, we’re committed to providing our customers with a wide assortment of sustainable products, including ENERGY STAR electronics and appliances. These products are certified to use less energy than standard models. That helps you save money on your utility bill and protect the environment. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on the sign next to products in stores or filter by ENERGY STAR on BestBuy.com. Also be sure to check out rebates from your local utilities on ENERGY STAR-certified products.

2. Buy paper gift cards

As you’re browsing the gift card selection at Best Buy, check out the “Go Green” card. It’s made of paper and can be recycled. By using paper, we help reduce the amount of plastic that’s thrown out. That’s a win for you and a win for  Earth.

3. Recycle unused electronics

Bring in your devices that have been sitting in the closet for months and dispose of them responsibly through Best Buy’s recycling program. Some of your electronics might qualify for our trade-in program, where you can exchange them for a Best Buy gift card (don’t forget to Go Green!). Use our Trade-In estimator to learn what your old devices might be worth or see current promotions to learn how you can save on new tech by recycling. 

4. Shop online

Shopping on BestBuy.com will help you save time and gas money, and cut vehicle emissions. So snuggle in at home and buy that laptop you’ve had your eye on without weaving through rush-hour traffic to a store. And don’t forget, Best Buy offers free shipping on everything from now until Christmas Day. There’s no minimum purchase amount and no membership fee. Learn more about our holiday shipping here.  

5. Request a digital receipt

When you shop at Best Buy, you now have the option to have your receipt emailed to you instead of being printed on paper. You’ll feel good about it, and so will the trees you saved.


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