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A Future as Bright as their Badges

When most people vow, “to have and to hold, from this day forward,” they’re not usually talking about their Geek Squad badges.

But for a pair of newlywed Best Buy employees who are also Agents, the promise of forever applies to their shiny shields as well as their gleaming wedding bands.

“We both value this company and the work we have done over the years,” said Mona Gilbert, a market admin serving several Best Buy stores in Florida. “So, we thought it would be interesting to bring our Geek Squad badges to the wedding for photos, to remind us of the great memories and people we have met throughout our careers.”

Mona and Joe Gilbert met nearly 10 years ago while working at the Best Buy store in Huntington Station, New York. Little did they know Mona’s seasonal job during the holidays would lead to a career with Best Buy – and, when she least expected it, a partner for life.

They met in 2008 and got to know each other as friends over three years. Life since has been an adventure.

Building a life together

Joe and Mona have transitioned between store roles and Geek Squad positions, and they’ve moved from New York to Florida. On Christmas 2016, their first away from family, Joe popped the big question to his fellow Agent.

As an avid gamer, Joe subscribes to a monthly gamers crate – a box filled with items like t-shirts and collectibles. That Christmas, he used a gamers crate to hold something even more valuable: the ring.

“It was kinda nerdy,” Mona joked. Still, she said yes.

Wedding planning kicked off and the couple knew they wanted to have the ceremony back in New York, even though they had started to deepen their roots in Florida. To their delight, more than half of the wedding guests were Best Buy friends and coworkers – including 15 teammates from Florida who flew in for the Oct. 2017 vows.

“We moved to Florida with no family here and not knowing anybody. They have become our family,” Mona said.

Joe says moving to Florida with Best Buy has opened doors for him and Mona that they may not have had with other companies.  “Life started to become much easier, and I realized I could live the American dream and do it with Best Buy,” Joe said.

The couple just purchased their first home. Their eyes are on the future and everything it will hold for them.

 “We look forward to our next chapter of our lives personally and with Best Buy,” Mona said.