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Appliance trends for the summer season

Summer is officially here! Whether you’re rinsing out grass stains or making room in the fridge for cool drinks, we have something for everyone to help make the most of their summer.  

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Here are some tips and trends to help while you’re appliance shopping this summer. 

Space saving solutions

Short on space? There are a lot of compact appliances that don’t compromise functionality and performance. One area this is especially key is in the laundry room. Try an all-in-one washer and dryer combo, like the GE Profile washer/dryer combo, to save some space and time. Plus, with more than a dozen washing and drying cycles, you can tailor your setting to each load. 

Embrace a smart home

The possibilities in the smart home space are only growing, and it’s time to incorporate appliances into your smart home ecosystem. From refrigerators like the LG Smart Refrigerator that offers temperature adjustment right from your smartphone to washers and dryers with remote control start capabilities, smart appliances offer convenience and efficiency. 

Make it personal

Appliances are no longer just functional, they can also play a part in the overall aesthetic of your home. Look for appliances that offer customizable options, like the Samsung Bespoke series, that offer the latest finishes, colors, and panels. Whether you prefer a sleek stainless-steel look or a bold statement piece, appliances can match your personal style and complement your home.

Summer sustainability and energy efficiency

Best Buy is proud to offer a wide variety of ENERGY STAR® certified products that use less energy, while helping reduce your energy bills. More than 90 million ENERGY STAR certified products have been purchased at Best Buy since 2017. As a result, we estimate customers will save nearly $4 billion in energy costs, working toward our goal of helping customers save $5 billion over the lifetime of their products by 2030. Look out for appliances with ENERGY STAR® ratings to make a positive impact on both the environment and your utility bills.

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