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Appliances Featuring the Latest in Technology: Samsung Open House in Select Best Buy Stores

Technology is everywhere. We can now turn our house lights off from our phone. Watch what the dog is doing in our family room during the day. Answer phone calls from our wrist.

Technology is also surging into the home appliance market. Samsung Open House, which will be in select Best Buy stores by the end of 2015, features this prominently.

Samsung Open House is an interactive area inside Best Buy stores that lets consumers physically look at and experience Samsung appliances in a whole new way and simplifies the appliance buying process. With CenterStage™, an 85-inch life-size touchscreen, customers can get an interactive virtual tour of Samsung’s home appliance line including new products with photos, videos and custom features.

“Technology has become a major part of appliances and the Samsung Open House will give customers a first-hand view of the amazing innovation in these products,” said Kevin Balon, Best Buy’s Senior Vice President for Appliances. “By showcasing top-of-the-line appliances and letting consumers interact virtually with CenterStage, we will assure our customers they are getting products that fit their needs the best.”

Samsung Open House 3Samsung Open House 3


Technology offerings in the Samsung appliance area include:

  • Flex Duo Oven with Dual Door: For those busy holiday cooking days or family dinner nights, the Flex Duo Oven with Dual Door is designed to provide three different cooking configurations to solve all your needs.
  • Counter Depth 4 Door Flex Refrigerator has one compartment that can enable you to choose freezer or refrigerator – catering to consumers’ seasonal and family needs with four different temperature settings.
  • Dishwasher with WaterWall™ Technology uses a sweeping wall of water for spectacularly cleaned dishes every time.
  • Activewash™ Top Load Washer featuring a built-in sink with water jet and gentle scrubbing surface to make pre-washing fabrics easier and more convenient.
  • POWERbot VR9000 robot vacuum cleaner provides convenient floor cleaning with its powerful suction.

View the time-lapse video of the Samsung Open House build-out below or click here

Samsung Open House is the largest dedicated in-store branded display of Samsung appliances in the country. Initial rollout started earlier this month with stores in Chicago and Minneapolis. The Samsung Open House is staffed by Best Buy Blue Shirts who will be trained thoroughly on all Samsung products and will be able to give product demos and walk customers through the innovations and benefits.

This is the third Samsung Experience Shop to open at Best Buy – the others feature tablets, smart phones and virtual reality, in addition to home theater.