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Badges And Hugs: A Geek Squad Agent’s Surprise Encounter

Geek Squad Agent Sean McCoy was in line at a donut shop in suburban Chicago in June when the woman in front of him noticed his badge.

“Are you a police officer?” Angie Baldwin asked excitedly.

“No ma’am,” replied Agent McCoy, who has worked for Best Buy for almost 22 years. “I’m a Geek Squad Agent. We wear badges because we police technology — and it makes us look cool.”

It certainly wasn’t the first time a Geek Squad Agent has been asked about his or her badge, but this time was different. Angie was drawn to the badge because her daughter, Rosalyn, is on a mission to hug police officers in all 50 states.

The 7-year-old Louisiana native got the idea for her cross-country journey after five police officers were ambushed in Dallas last year. She wanted to display her love and appreciation for the work officers do every day.

To date, she has doled out hundreds of hugs in 16 states, and her cross-country journey has garnered national intention. She has been featured on CNN and NBC Nightly News, winning the hearts of many Americans.

Agent McCoy was no exception. When he heard Rosalyn’s story, he told Angie he’d love to meet her daughter even though he’s not a police officer.

“You’re wearing a badge, so get ready for your hug,” Angie replied.

Just then, an energetic Rosalyn returned from the restroom and rushed over to Agent McCoy with a huge smile on her face.

“I knelt down to greet her, and I was almost knocked over by a great big hug,” he said.

Agent McCoy took off his badge to show Rosalyn, and explained that he’s not a police officer.

“That’s OK,” she said, clutching the badge to her chest. “You have a badge, so you get a hug anyway.”

They chatted for a few minutes and posed for a photo together. Rosalyn even got to wear Agent McCoy’s badge.

But Rosalyn wasn’t the only one who received joy from this chance encounter at the donut shop.

“She was so genuine. It really brightened my day,” Agent McCoy said. “It was an honor to meet her.”


Rosalyn Baldwin’s family frequently visits the Best Buy stores in Hammond and Covington, Louisiana, when they need tech help with a computer or cellphone. Click here to find a Best Buy store near you.