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This New York GM is honored to serve her community

Last Friday was a big day for Katherine Brito, a homecoming of sorts. After 14 years rising through the ranks at Best Buy, she opened her first store as a general manager — and it’s in Riverdale, Bronx, right in the heart of her beloved community.  

Katherine is excited to bring the new store into her community, which she describes as a tight-knit and supportive group of people, many of whom are Spanish-speaking. Katherine, a proud Dominican American, was raised by her grandmother in Dyckman, near Riverdale, and still lives in the neighborhood today. 

“I’m here, and I’m [working] back home,” Katherine said. “I never thought I’d be opening a store here.” 

District manager Adam Soto says Katherine’s leadership skills, along with her connection to the community, made her the perfect fit as general manager.  

“This is a unique community, and it’s where a lot of her customers and employees reside,” Adam said. “Being a resident, she understands this group really well and will be able to lead her team with high energy.” 

Understanding the customer comes naturally to Katherine, who has always been passionate about helping others. Growing up, Katherine would often assist her grandmother with English-Spanish translation and dreamed of becoming a guidance counselor. Then she found Best Buy at age 18.  

Today, Katherine sees her role at Best Buy as a counselor for her customers. 

“I don’t sell technology,” she said. “I help people.” 

That mindset has served Katherine — and her customers — well over the years. Soon after beginning her career, Katherine and her leaders quickly discovered Best Buy was the right fit because of her knack for building strong relationships with customers. 

People have come into the store requesting to work with Katherine, and she even memorizes her regular customers’ schedules so she can reach them at the most convenient times.  

On top of being the salesperson of choice for her customers, Katherine has proved to be successful in other roles. Adam says from the first day Katherine joined Best Buy, she has been an insightful leader.  

“One of the things I admire about Katherine is she’s very driven and methodical in her work,” Adam said. “She leads by example.” 

Now, Katherine is running a store in the community she’s known and loved her entire life. The Riverdale store, Best Buy’s third Bronx location, is the first of its kind with a small format layout and three levels. It also has free parking and is near public transportation to serve commuters as they go about their day.  

As the store’s leader, Katherine takes the responsibility for developing employees seriously and wants to instill that same passion she holds for customer service in her team. After all, their customers have served them in so many ways already, they’ll only be returning the favor.  

“I’m serving the people who do my hair, do my nails, my pet store owner — I’m helping the people around me,” Katherine said. “It’s a great privilege.”  

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