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Best Buy customers can now donate to Teen Tech Centers at checkout

We believe that anything is possible for today’s teens, but a lack of opportunity and access to tools and training makes it harder for millions of young people — especially those from disinvested communities — to reach their full potential.

For years, we’ve been committed to building brighter futures for teens through tech. And now we’re inviting our customers to join in on this important work.

This week, we’re launching our first-ever opportunity for customers to donate to the Best Buy Foundation in support of Teen Tech Centers. Between July 11 and Sept. 11, customers can choose to donate when they make a purchase, including at a Best Buy store, BestBuy.com or the Best Buy App.

These donations will help Teen Tech Centers reach more than 30,000 teens from disinvested communities each year by 2025 at more than 100 locations nationwide. We currently support 35 Teen Tech Centers across the country.

The centers are safe, after-school spaces where teens can get hands-on experience with technology, training and mentorship. They work with community partners to address inequity through tech access and a variety of resources. Through Teen Tech Centers, teens have additional support to make, create, innovate and explore their interests in areas such as programming, film-making, music production and design. 

In May, we committed an additional $10 million specifically to create opportunities for teens in Los Angeles County. This includes creating up to 12 new Teen Tech Centers in the LA area by 2023.

To learn more about Best Buy Teen Tech Centers, visit bestbuy.com/teentechcenter. To get involved and make a donation, learn more here.