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Best Buy employees share tips for a great Big Game party

When it comes to the biggest football game of the year, Best Buy knows how to make your Big Game gathering even better with the latest tech.

Check out these tips from Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents around the country.

What’s the most essential tech item for a great Game Day party?

In today’s world, the most essential tech for a Game Day party would be a large 4K with HDR TV, a 65-inch, 75-inch or even an 82-inch. Everyone wants that first-row seat to a game, and with a larger TV, you can experience that feeling in the comfort of your own home. A 4K TV with high dynamic range (HDR) is a must because HDR opens up your TV to a wider color spectrum, so you can watch the game and see more realistic natural colors. — Laura Foster, Atlanta


I mean the TV is very important, but who can survive without a slow cooker for the world-famous cheese dip everyone should have!? Slow cookers that have an app are the best because you have ultimate control – no matter where you – are and can have everything piping hot right before the game. — Jazmine Carroll, Little Rock, Arkansas


Air fryer! Spend more time hanging out with friends by letting your air fryer do all the cooking!  Bake, broil and toast all your delicious game day snacks and classic fried foods without the need for oil. — Agent Kathryn Hill, Sacramento

What tech item would you suggest people upgrade before the Big Game?

I really believe one of the best upgrades you can make is a solid 3.1-channel soundbar! That dedicated center speaker makes all the difference. You’ll be able to hear the announcers calling touchdowns way more clearly! — Julia Jack, Lubbock, Texas

If there was one piece of tech that I could upgrade for Game Day it would be my refrigerator and my choice would be the Samsung Family Hub. This gives me the ability to stream my Samsung TV onto the refrigerator. Guests now have the flexibility to enjoy the game and stay up to date whether they are in the kitchen or the living room. — Bill Nguyen, Vienna, Virginia

Upgrading your surround sound to a Sonos system so that you can link speakers throughout the house to listen to the game and for the music during the after party. — Jimmy Davis, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

What’s the coolest way you’ve seen technology used at a Big Game party?

At last year’s Big Game party, we had a Google Home answer a lot of trivia questions that were brought up by the elite fans of Philadelphia. Google Home helped add a brighter side to some debates and end others quickly before they interrupted the game. — Mike Harrell, Orlando

I have my Philips Hue Lights synced up so when my team scores a touchdown the lights flash as the team celebrates. The lights also notify me when pizza delivery is in route and at the front door! — Mitch Zelasko, Atlanta

What’s your favorite part of about Big Game parties?

My favorite part about Game Day has to be the camaraderie that comes along with it. My entire family and most of my friends are all-in when it comes to sports, so there’s always a get-together planned for big sporting events. Every year, there’s the conversation of whose house to go to, what food to make, drinks to bring, etc. Planning always seems to get put off until the very last minute, so it admittedly gets a little hectic, but we always settle in just before kickoff. — Mike Klinsky, Asheville, North Carolina


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