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Best Buy’s CMO Provides Sneak Peek at New Holiday Ads

Whether it’s a new TV, smartphone or gaming console, you hope it’s the gift they open last and totally freak out about. It’s just that special.

That’s why Best Buy’s holiday marketing campaign is focused on how the recipient reacts — and how that makes you feel — when they open the perfect gift. You know, the one they’ll tell all their friends about the next day and look forward to using all year long.

Best Buy’s “Open This Last” television commercials and digital ads start running on Sunday, but we sat down with Best Buy Chief Marketing Officer Whit Alexander to get a sneak peek.


What’s the core message of this year’s campaign?

Whit: We know that experiences matter more than things to our customers. So it’s not about what you wrap and put under the tree. It’s about all of the experiences that gift will open up for the months and years afterward. We’re going to help make you a hero this year by helping you find that perfect gift the person can’t wait to start using as soon as they open it.


How did you land on “Open This Last” as the theme of the campaign?

Whit: Everyone’s had that experience where there was that one gift you saved for last. Maybe it didn’t even go under the tree because it was just so special. It’s that thing you go to school the next day talking about, kind of like the BB gun in “A Christmas Story.”

For many people, that’s the excitement tech creates. It’s the GoPro because it’s going to transform the way you capture memories when you go on vacation. It’s the TV because your family loves movie nights. It’s those kinds of really important gifts that live on beyond that day.


Why is Best Buy the place to shop this holiday season?

Whit: There’s a ton of amazing tech out there, and we have it all. But, more importantly, at Best Buy we’re really good at understanding people’s passions and desires and how tech can help unlock them. That’s even more important at the holidays, when it’s not just about you but also the passions of the people you care about.


How would you describe the feel of this year’s campaign?

Whit: The goal was to capture the joy of seeing someone’s reaction when you give them that perfect gift that’s not only really exciting to receive but that they can immediately understand how it’s going to make their life better — or more fun — throughout the year. It’s going to feel fun and exciting, and hopefully a little funny. Tech is awesome. This is fun stuff. And we think the holidays should be fun, too.


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