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California Blue Shirt’s motivated mentality drives success

Anthony “Ryan” Brash has only been with Best Buy for about a year. But considering his outstanding customer service and the recognition he has received from leaders, you’d think he’s been wearing a blue shirt for much longer.

His store in Menifee, California, has a tight-knit crew, and it’s driven by a culture to go above and beyond. Ryan’s leaders can see he has a natural knack for bringing that culture to life every day.

“He has a great attitude, he’s a team player, he works anywhere he’s needed, and he has rock star [sales] numbers,” General Manager Jeffery King said.

That drive to succeed and spread positivity comes in part from his recovery after a dirt bike accident five years ago left him paralyzed from the waist down. After completing a physical rehabilitation program, he was eager to get back to work.

“I just wanted an opportunity somewhere,” Ryan said. “I just wanted a shot.”

He interviewed several places, but nothing stuck until he came to Best Buy and was hired as a seasonal employee during last year’s holiday season.

A job well done

Despite his anxieties about fitting into a new team and navigating new physical limitations, Ryan quickly realized he had nothing to worry about.

“It feels great to have a sense of normalcy again,” he said. “That motivates me every day to do the best I can because I’ve seen how far I’ve come.”

Ryan largely attributes his success in the workplace to the people he interacts with day to day: his co-workers and customers. Whenever he needs a hand, he knows he can ask a teammate without hesitation.

“It’s such a good store, and it’s just like family here. Any accommodation that I need, they’ve been there for me,” Ryan said. 

The connection among team members at Ryan’s store became particularly meaningful right off the bat. His father tragically passed away from cancer three weeks before Ryan was hired, and he said coming to work every day helped take his mind off the loss. It taught him to stay positive and be thankful for the support he receives from his team.

And as far as customers go, Ryan’s a pro at delivering joy.

“I really enjoy that part of my job, where I can talk to a customer, show them new things and improve their life,” he said.

Danielle Moguel, the store’s sales assistant manager, recently shared a LinkedIn post celebrating Ryan and a teammate for delivering “world-class service.”

Looking ahead

Ryan pushes himself to always put things into perspective. In fact, he believes his disability boosts his motivation to perform well and get awesome results.

Of course, confidence is also key. Ryan knows he’s come a long way and wants to continue to see how far he can go.

“When I started here, I was nervous, and I didn’t know anything,” he said. “Now I’m almost a full-time employee, and I’m killing it!”

Ryan’s also looking to the future, hoping to someday work in a role where he can help people who are recovering from physical disabilities rediscover their space in the workplace.

“I want to end up somewhere where I can help people get back into the workforce because that was a big thing for me,” Ryan said. “It was life-changing.

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