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Data Disappeared? Geek Squad Has Your Back

Pictures of your new baby. Video from the family holiday gathering. A big term paper.

Sometimes important data seems to disappear from your device.

Before you panic, head to your local Best Buy store. Geek Squad Agents just might be able to help.

All U.S. Best Buy locations are now able to perform Level 1 data recovery — that is, find deleted and formatted files — on fully functioning devices in Geek Squad Precincts. Before, devices would need to be sent to Geek Squad City in Kentucky for the service.

“Our stores now have the ability to save clients’ precious memories at a substantial savings and a quicker turnaround – just two days on average,” said Shahrooz Eslahi, a Geek Squad senior market manager.

Common examples of Level 1 data recovery include accidentally formatted hard drives, deleted school papers or lost pictures on memory cards.

Agents will perform a diagnosis for $49.99 and then provide a cost estimate for any additional data recovery services.

Devices that need Level 2 and Level 3 data recovery will continue to be sent to Geek Squad City. Examples of Level 2 include drives that are failing or non-functioning, and Level 3 consists of extreme damage or failure, such as broken hard drives.

“The Geek Squad recommends to all our clients that they take preventive measures, like using an external hard drive, Network Attached Storage (NAS) or cloud solution,” Shahrooz said. “But for those who have a disaster strike, we can now help them better than ever.”

You might want to find the Best Buy store location nearest you — just in case.