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Employees double as dinosaur doctors at Florida Best Buy store

Three-year-old Jordan loves his raptor Fingerling toy so much that he gave it a name: “Dino Baby.” Wherever Jordan goes, so goes the toy — in hand or tucked into his shirt for safe keeping.

“If we forget the dinosaur at home, we’re turning around to go get it,” said Niah Negron, Jordan’s mom. “He sleeps with it, he talks to it, there’s just something about that dinosaur.”

One day, Jordan realized Dino Baby had broken. Devastated, he ran and told his mom.

She immediately hopped online in search of a replacement. She found one and placed a same-day pickup order at her local Best Buy store in Jacksonville, Florida.

When Niah arrived at the store with Jordan and broken Dino Baby in tow, she informed Best Buy employee Tina May about the emergency at hand. “We are here for a very delicate matter. You see, we need to see the dinosaur doctor, as the head has broken on our baby dinosaur!” Niah said.

Tina called co-worker Stephanie Pierce for backup, and together they assured Jordan that Dino Baby was in good hands. He handed it over for “surgery.”

A successful ‘repair’

The duo narrated the procedure to Jordan as he waited anxiously on the other side of the high counter. What he couldn’t see was the surgical team opening the package with the new dinosaur and hiding the broken one. Soon they gave him back a “repaired” dinosaur.

“I handed it to him, and his eyes just gleamed, he was so excited,” Stephanie said.

Tina said she didn’t think it was that big of a deal at the time. “But when he saw the dinosaur his whole demeanor changed — his face lit up so much,” she said. “We made that little boy’s day.”

With a skip in his step, Jordan left the store beaming. Niah says that Jordan tells everyone he sees about the amazing dinosaur doctors and how they had fixed Dino Baby for him.

“It was beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. There’s no way to fully express the gratitude for everything [Tina and Stephanie] did that day,” Niah said.

And just in case Niah and Jordan make a return appointment to see the dinosaur doctors, Stephanie bought another identical toy to keep on her shelf at work.