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Experience Samsung’s Virtual Reality World at Best Buy

Photo credit: Samsung

You may have seen the words Virtual Reality in the headlines lately, especially if you followed the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month. But what is virtual reality, why is it suddenly such a big deal, and why do techies want to try it out?

Starting Sunday, Feb. 8, you can see what all the hype is about by trying out the latest virtual reality headset from Samsung at select Samsung Experience Shops at Best Buy stores nationwide. Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition demos will be available in 100 Samsung Experience Shops to give you the chance to sample the newest tech craze at your local Best Buy, whether you’re a techie or a technophobe.

Don’t worry about knowing how to use the virtual reality headset. That’s where our expert Blue Shirts come in. They will sit you down and adjust the headset so you can dive right into a new immersive world. What you explore depends on your preference, since there are a variety of 360-degree virtual worlds and experiences you can tour and explore in just 2-3 minutes with the demos. You can travel to places like Iceland, see the Space Shuttle Endeavor, and even swim beside virtual whales in the ocean, all without leaving your seat… Who knew seeing the world could be so easy?

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So, how can you be one of the first people to try the new Samsung Gear VR? Click here to find the demo experience near you.

If you’re ready to bring worlds of entertainment into your own living room the device is available now at BestBuy.com for $199.99, but remember to grab your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to play the content.