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Fitness Tracker Tips from the Fittest City in America

Duluth, Minnesota, is fit as a fiddle.

That’s according to Fitbit, which recently named Duluth the fittest city in America, based on metrics from Fitbit’s more than 10 million U.S. users. Researchers analyzed details including duration of sleep per night, daily steps and resting heart rate.

The city of about 86,000 people, about 150 miles northeast of Minneapolis, sits on Lake Superior and is surrounded by nature. This is one of the reasons Blue Shirt Adam Bersell, a health and fitness wearables expert at the Duluth Best Buy store, isn’t surprised by the ranking.

“Part of the reason why people enjoy Duluth so much is that it’s an outdoorsy place where people love to be active,” Adam said. “Mountain biking, running, hiking – we do it all.”

Here’s his advice on finding a fitness tracker that’s right for you:

Figure out what you want to track

Adam attributes Duluth’s high ranking to the wide variety of activities that residents participate in. He suggests that customers consider their activities and their goals. “Sometimes we have people that are interested in just counting steps, but others want more advanced features like GPS to track their biking mileage,” he said.

Catch some Zzzs

Many customers want to track exercise, but they don’t realize how much sleep fits into their fitness regimen, Adam said. “A lot of people talk about how much sleep they get, but they’re not aware of their quality of sleep and how important that is.” Getting good quality sleep allows you to perform at the top of your game, be productive and fight weight gain. With tracker apps, like the one from Fitbit, you’re able to set sleep goals, create bedtime reminders and review your sleep trends over time.

Get a feel for it

To get an accurate reading on your lifestyle, you’ll need to wear your activity tracker as much as possible. “Size can be an afterthought for customers,” Adam said. He suggests that customers think about what tracker feels the most comfortable on their wrist. Sizes now range from skinny to wider screens. “It’s all about what you feel best in,” he said.

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