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Geek Squad Agent rescues mother, daughter in rollover crash

Geek Squad Agent Andrew Ward was driving down an icy Kansas highway in February when the car in front of him was clipped by another vehicle and flipped over. It landed with its wheels in the air and roof caved into the concrete.

His heart thumping, Andrew, who was on his way to help with a refrigerator installation, pulled over.

“My first instinct was to jump out and help. No matter who it was,” he said. “This could be anybody. It could have been my wife or my neighbor.”

Turns out it was a mother and young daughter, and thoughts of his own family raced through his mind as Andrew helped the pair out the windows of their upside-down vehicle.

While waiting for emergency responders to arrive, Andrew grabbed two blankets from his Geekmobile for the girl. “One for her to sit on and one for her to wrap up in,” he said.

Then Andrew and another helpful citizen noticed the car’s battery hanging loose. “The car was still running, leaking fluids, so I kicked the battery off [to avoid a fire],” he said.

Police and paramedics arrived shortly after.

Andrew, based out of our Best Buy store in Overland Park, Kansas, is a proud father and wrestling coach with certification in CPR and first aid. But he’d never had to use it in a situation like this before.

“You can tell family and people are important to him,” said Kaleb Pfaff, Andrew’s manager.

Albert Supp, home services senior manager for the regional market that includes Kansas, also spoke highly of Andrew’s calm demeanor after seeing pictures of the accident.

“Just stopping to do something speaks to the human side of things,” he said.

Thinking back to the accident on that cold morning, Andrew keeps a selfless mindset and is humbled to have been able to lend a hand.

“In my opinion, God put me there to help,” he said.