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Indiana Geek Squad Agents surprise 9-year-old gamer with new gear

For two Geek Squad Agents in Indiana, a seemingly routine computer setup job turned into an opportunity to help a little girl build on her dreams.

The duo, Kyle Shephard and Tyler Derouin, arrived on site at the home of a 9-year-old girl who is a star student and avid gamer. Their task was to get her computer up and running, but there were issues with the processor fan and internal graphics card — two critical components of computer gaming.  

“We got it to work, but it wasn’t going to play a ton of games very well,” Kyle said.

He and Tyler knew that, despite their best efforts, the girl’s current devices wouldn’t be able to keep up with her gaming aspirations. It took just 30 seconds after leaving her home for the Agents to hatch a plan to do more.

“The situation just felt special,” Kyle said. “We related to her interest in gaming and tech at such a young age.”

First, they reached out to Izzy Molinar, the general manager at Store 228 in Fort Wayne, and explained what they wanted to do for the young gamer.

“When two of our best Agents called me, completely inspired by this story, I knew that this was something unique,” Izzy said. “I immediately said we would do anything we could.”

Izzy and his team first found a computer that could keep up. And while they could have stopped there, Kyle and Tyler wanted to level up on the surprise.

Through word of mouth and a GoFundMe, the duo quickly raised over $1,500 to use on a tech makeover for the girl. One employee even donated a TV for her space.

“Everyone just kind of came together,” Kyle said.

All in all, she received a new computer, smart home products, a TV and a Nintendo switch — everything needed for her to have a sweet gaming setup.

After coordinating the setup and installation with her caretaker while thew girls wasn’t home, Kyle and Tyler got to surprise her with the revamped room.

“She was caught off guard, kind of speechless,” Kyle said. “She was tearing up and super excited to use her new tech.”