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‘Geek Squad heroes’ save Michigan man’s day

Sonny Guizzetti had seemingly tried everything but couldn’t figure out how to get his laptop or tablet to connect to FaceTime.

“I was getting so frustrated it was driving me crazy,” the Michigan man recalled.

So, he jumped in his car and drove to his local Best Buy store in Marquette, Michigan, to get some help from his friends at the Geek Squad.

Problem solved.

It wasn’t a quick fix, but Geek Squad Agent Eric Nelson was patient and stuck with it until he found a solution. Ultimately, he called Apple Support and worked with someone there to troubleshoot the problem.

It turns out Sonny had changed his password, and a series of failed logins triggered a block on his account. But Agent Nelson was able to verify Sonny’s identity and get him back into the app.

“It was a pretty simple fix at the end of the day,” Agent Nelson said.

It wasn’t the first time Geek Squad has come to the rescue for Sonny. He’s turned to the store’s Agents numerous times over the past few years.

“Every time I have a problem, I call them up and they get me in,” Sonny said. “I’ve gotten to know most of the guys down there, because I’ve been in there a lot. They’ve always helped me out.”

Agent Nelson said Sonny is always grateful for the Geek Squad’s help, and this time was no different. Sonny shook Agent Nelson’s hand and thanked him and his co-workers.

A surprise in the local paper

Still, Agent Nelson was surprised when his father texted one day to tell him he was in the local newspaper. It turns out Sonny was so happy with the service he received that he had written a letter to the editor praising the “Geek Squad heroes” for their persistence in finding the solution to his tech issue.

“In five years, they’ve solved every problem I’ve had,” he wrote. “Thanks, guys.”

Agent Nelson immediately showed the article to Geek Squad manager and other co-workers at the store. On his way home from work that day, he stopped to grab a copy of the paper to show friends and family.

“It was pretty surprising,” he said. “It definitely caught me off guard.”

In fact, it meant so much to Agent Nelson and his fellow employees in Marquette that they now have a framed copy of the article hanging in the store’s Geek Squad Precinct.

For Sonny, however, the letter was just a simple way to show his appreciation for a job well done.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Best Buy and the Geek Squad,” he said. “They do a great job, and I always go home satisfied.”


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