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Half of People Are on the Wrong Mobile Plan, Best Buy Data Shows

Looking to upgrade your cellphone? It might be time to update your mobile plan, too.

More than 1 million people had their cellphone plans reviewed at Best Buy stores over the holiday season, and 50 percent of them found out that they were either overpaying for the data in their plan, or could get more for the same price.

Those customers saved an average of $35 per month — a total of more than $3 million — by switching plans, according to internal data from Nov. 8, 2015, through Jan. 1, 2016.

With all the different plan options available when buying a phone these days, things can get confusing fast. We want to help you get more bang for your buck from your current wireless carrier, whether that means getting more data for less money, more data for the same cost or the same data for less money.

Want to find out if you can save money on your wireless plan? Stop in to your local Best Buy store today and ask one of our expert Blue Shirts to analyze your current plan.