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Here’s How These Agents Embrace Their Geekness

Geeks, today is your day.

Doesn’t matter what your thing is — technology, science fiction, TV shows — you should celebrate it on Embrace Your Geekness Day.

Geek Squad celebrates every day, with a dedicated tech-support army of Agents 20,000 strong.

We asked some of them what “geekness” means to them. Here’s what the Agents said.


Agent: Joshua K.
Role: Consultation Agent
Location: Davenport, Florida

My personal brand is where my passion shines: Tabletop gaming.

I regularly read rule books for new tabletop role-playing games for fun, searching for ideas I can use in my own campaigns. I am currently head playtester/developer for a living card game made for an anime convention near me. I am also running a live-action role-playing (LARP) game involving the card game for it. I love playing and learning new games and being able to break them down into the core components.


Agent: Jackie P.
Role: Deputy of Covert Operations
Location: Florida

For me, geekness is diving in head first into a challenge and figuring out the best solution. Recently, I did not have a Wi-Fi router on hand that I could use to connect my home together. I researched how to build an ad-hoc network using a Linux desktop and set this up to be a temporary solution until I could set up a new router. When it worked, I was incredibly excited and happy that I could make it happen on my own.


Agent: Lewis S.
Role: Geek Squad Manager
Location: Flint, Michigan

I received a “Most Action Figures” award from my market Geek Squad manager. (The collection is about 300, and growing.)


Agent: Sean W.
Role: Advanced Repair Agent
Location: Westbury, New York

My geekness is somewhere running a ‘net Radio station and diving into the local music scene and ending up coming out as a “promoter”(I hate that word) who randomly road-trips to see bands I’ve never heard of, to see if they’re cool enough and worth trying to bring into our scene (and eventually arrange gig-swaps) and open up a line of communication between those bands… And eventually turning that into a side business as an “entertainment consultant” where I’ve successfully helped build up a regular crowd/draw for smaller bars.

Or, you know, get mad because Spock and Uhura are a thing in some strange timeline.


Agent: William M.
Role: Advanced Repair Agent
Location: Salem, Oregon

My personal geekness?

Maybe it’s all the “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who” T-shirts and toys I have.

Maybe it’s the fact that I turned all three of my now adult children into geeky kids (one with “The Walking Dead” and Marvel, one with “Doctor Who,” and one with “World Of Warcraft).

Maybe it’s the fact that I still play “Star Trek Online” at the age of 49.

Maybe it’s the fact that I took the first computer class taught in my high school in 1983.


Agent: Derek M.
Role: Online Support Agent
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

For me, geekness is taking your curiosity and passion around a topic and applying all that you learn in the process in new and interesting ways. Like programming a palm-sized $35 Raspberry Pi [credit card-sized computer] and building an interface to sync holiday lights to holiday music for an outdoor light show around my house.


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