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Here’s How to Move Your New TV the Safe Way

If you plan on picking out that perfect new TV and taking it home yourself, come prepared with the right vehicle.

Those fancy thin screens with superb pictures are super fragile and need to be handled with TLC. Here are some tips for getting a new television home and set up safely. (Check out this tool to help you find the perfect tv.)

Ask for help

Have another person assist you with carrying the box and installation.

Stay upright

Never, ever lay the TV flat — especially in your vehicle. Laying it flat could put pressure on the screen and cause cracks.

Read the directions

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for set up.

Handle with care

When removing the TV from the box, don’t pinch the screen.

Know the hardware

Use appropriate stand, mounting and bracket equipment for your model.

Bring the right wheels

Check out the chart below to see what size vehicle you need to safely move a television.

Call the experts

Don’t forget, Best Buy offers free home delivery on all TVs that are 51” or larger. And Geek Squad Agents are always ready to help install your home theater equipment for you. (Need to get rid of the TV you’re replacing? Here’s Best Buy’s guide to recycling.)


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